SIP Demystified Book

SIP Demystified – Session Initiation Protocol (McGraw-Hill)

SIP Demystified

The SIP Demystified by Gonzalo Camarillo is a great resource for those telecom enthusiasts, and those starting their journey with the Session Initiation Protocol. I first learned about the book through webinars conducted by Avaya Tier 3 support engineers. I use this book as a reference whenever I need to refresh on anything about SIP.

The book overviews the analogy of the Session Initiation Protocol, as well as explaining how voice was originated, from explaining FDM, TDM, Trunk Signaling. The birth of Circuit Switching, it also explains strengths, and weaknesses of the Circuit Switched network.

Explaining  the Internet Layer or the TCP/IP  Protocol Suite, how this suite of protocols played part for the creation of the Session Initiation Protocol. Covering an array of VoIP topics, from QoS with Differentiated Services, Session Announcement Protocol, among others.

It also provides an overview of the following topics=

  • Interoperability
  • Scalability
  • SIP as a Platform Creation

Giving you the different types of SIP Operation by describing “SIP Requests”. Breaking down SIP Messages, its server and proxies. An all this book breaks down all you really need to know to start working with SIP.

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